Other Art

This site is an attempt to record all of the pieces I've created or will create, but there are some types where I only have a few pieces. Instead of creating sub-menu after sub-menu for every type of art I create, I've identified the main media and put everything else here.

In "Other Art" you will find my woodcuts, lithographs, photos, sculptures, etc.


I've been working in print-making since high school. Most of what I do now is small-scale woodblock. I would love to do some more silk-screening, but haven't found the time or inclination. Same with finding a studio to let me do some etching and litho. You can read more on the About the Prints page.


My examples of sculpture are a mix of interests. There are soft-sculptures that can also be considered crafts. I also have a few small wooden pieces based on Netsuke. The past few years I've been working on wood chains as well. These are linked chains carved out of one piece of wood. You can read more about the sculptures on the About the Sculptures page.

Flickr and Picasa

There's no need to host photos on this site. Flickr and Picasa make it easier to host on their site than on my own. What I've decided to do is to link directly to the sites so you can see the photos I've taken. At least this way I can tag them and offer them in different sizes and show as many as I like. I might have some of my favorites on these pages, but there will be more on Flickr and Picasa. I also plan on taking all of those old photos (the kind that come with negatives) and scan and upload them to these sites.


Yes, I jumped on the photo a day bandwagon in 2010. Instead of one of the hosting sites, I decided to try Tumblr. Why? I wanted to see how easy it was to create a tumblr site. And it is the easiest publishing tool I've ever used. The web interface is intuitive and posting photos takes no time. There's also an iPhone app so I can post on the go. It's not a true 365 photos project as I don't upload every day, sometimes I'll load a week's worth of photos at a time.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.