Instant Enlightenment
  • Title: Instant Enlightenment
  • Creation Date: 1997
  • Measurements: 14 x 17 inches
  • Materials: lithographic print
  • Edition: 10 prints
  • Description: This print is an astronaut helmet that is meant to be cut out and worn as a mask. Above the cut-out helmet, the print states, "Be your own Bodhisattva." In the lower left-hand corner are the following instructions: "1. Cut along dotted line, 2. Punch out holes on mask, 3. Tie string to sides of mask, 4. Put mask on head, INSTANT ENLIGHTENMENT!"
  • Price: $500
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  • Work Type: print
  • Creator: John Rodzvilla
  • Subject: lithography, prints, lithograph, bodhisattva, masks, buddhism, daruma, religion, astronauts