Where I Am
  • Title: Where I Am
  • Creation Date: 1997
  • Measurements: 13.5 x 15 inches
  • Materials: lithographic print
  • Edition: 8 prints
  • Description: This print features a saluting astronaut with three daruma dolls. The astronaut is based on a sketch of a gold astronaut bank I found at a dollar store. His helmet reflects the headstone of Emperor Norton and there is a small portrait of the emperor on his chest. The three daruma dolls reflect various stages of goal completion, based on the tradition of the dolls. The top doll has both eyes blank. The second doll, the one with the box around indicating the current position, has one eye filled in, indicating a goal has been set. The bottom doll has both eyes filled in to indicate completion of a goal.
  • Price: $450
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  • Work Type: print
  • Creator: John Rodzvilla
  • Subject: lithograph, print, lithography, buddhism, astronaut, daruma, dharma, Emperor Norton, daruma dolls