Fabric Everywhere

I guess when other people decide to make a quilt they get a kit or a pattern, buy the appropriate yardage of cloth, cut, sew, assemble. I've created a few of these and I find them quick, automated projects. The quilts on this site follow a more convoluted pattern.

The crazy quilts start from a union of two pieces and build from there. Every quilt has a starting point. In some cases that starting point was a piece of a T-shirt that got a border and then some fabric and then it started to grow until it was finished.

It's true most of these quilts did not have a pattern or a specific size when they started. It was playing with eftover pieces of fabric to see how they worked together. When were they done? When they felt complete.

Several of the quilts were sold at the Bazaar Bizarre in Boston or several other craft fairs in Boston. Most of the quilts are now in the Chatham Art Gallery in Pittsboro, North Carolina.


Almost all of the quilts that I have made have been in collaboration with my wife, steviegirl. From piecing to batting to quilting, there's too much for one person to do and still produce several quilts at a time. It's also helpful to have a partner to pack up the quilts, set up tables and sell the things at craft fairs.


A few of the quilts (Emo, Rave, Grunge, Metal) incorporate old T-shirts as part of the design. They are meant to be memory blankets of a sort. A friend asked us to create a T-shirt quilt for her husband out of old concert Ts. After we made that, we thought it would be cool to add the shirts into the crazy quilt process and see what happens. From that was born the deicision to name our quilts after styles of music to reflect how we thought the quilts felt.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.