This is the site for my art. That might seem obvious to most of you visiting this site. But if you know me from my work in publishing, or my graduate work in Library and Information Science, or my current position of Senior Electronic-Publisher-In-Residence at Emerson College, you might be wondering if this is the same person.


I'm all those things. But I've been drawing and painting long before I was any of those other things. (You can learn more in my bio section).

The Site

Once upon a time I had another art site over at guttertype.com. When I decided to do a redesign, I wanted to do a complete redesign including a new structure, a new way to present the art and as much metadata as I could cram on the page. I also wanted to move it from guttertype which is focused on publishing and put it somewhere that has a clear connection to me (Not too many Rodzvillas out there, and most are in my immediate family).

I ended up using 8 main categories for my pieces: Collage, Drawing, Painting, Prints, Quilts, Sculpture, and Vinyl Paintings. The collage section also includes a sub-section on the greeting cards I've created. Likewise the drawing section has sub-sections for sketchbooks and Artist Trading Cards. You can start exploring my work through the home link above or the "back to the art" link to the left.


I have an Etsy store set up to sell some of my work. Not everything I have for sale is on Etsy. There may be some stuff here that's not on Etsy (particularly some of my bigger paintings), but feel free to contact me if you would like more information on purchasing the piece. I have a link to my contact form in the navigation bar and links for e-mail on the individual pages.


If you want to use images of my work in your project or want digital copies of something, please let me know either through the contact form or via email. I can send you higher resolution images. Some of my photos on Flickr have a creative commons license attached to them and out there for people to use.

Find Me

You can also find, follow, and contact me through Twitter, Facebook, Friendfeed, Flickr,, Tumblr, and Picasa. Just click the appropriate button below.

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